Character Development

Character Development:

We try our best to keep our students updated of the major issues that face the world. We feel that it is these kids who will grow up to take important positions in our society and work hard to counter these issues, and thus, it is important that they are educated about them at an early age.

For every month, we choose a topic to introduce to the students, and try to inform them about it in various ways. This topic is taken up in all the different subjects taught to the children: for example, if the topic is global warming, they are asked to write an essay about it or solve related comprehensions in English and Urdu, tutored about its negative impact on the environment in science, given precise ideas of its spread in social studies and so on. Furthermore, we actively try to stress upon all the relevant religious teachings to provide the children with the extra bit of motivation to play their part, whatever it can be. The teachers are instructed not just to impart knowledge to the children but also to encourage them to respond with questions and thoughtful suggestions.

This way, the children are pushed not just to learn about these topics but also to think about them and to come up with creative ideas. This approach of ours, we hope will help the children be aware of what is most important around them and to think about it in an Islamic way, which is the best way. Only then can we ever expect them to be an integral part of any community that they find themselves in, in the future.