Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules:

  • Students should be punctual; latecomers to class are not appreciated.
  • Students must always be polite, courteous and considerate. If a student wants something, he/she should raise his/her hand, and wait until he/she is recognized by the teacher.
  • Whenever there is a guest in the room, he/she must be treated with respect.
  • Students must always remember to bring the books and stationary required for a lesson.
  • In case a student feels he/she is falling behind, he/she needs to step up and ask the teacher for extra help.
  • To keep the classroom neat and tidy.
  • Students are not allowed to eat/drink in class.
  • If a particular students behaviour disturbs the concentration of the class, he/she will face consequences.
  • Students are not to leave class without the teacher’s permission regardless of whether the bell has rung; they are to clean any mess they create.