Sports At The Nexus School

Sports at The Nexus School

To ensure fitness among our students, The Nexus School emphasizes upon the importance of sports and makes sure to create enough opportunities for students to indulge in different kinds of physical activities that attract them. Students have their games period twice a week where they exit their classrooms for the fields and unleash their inner sportsmen. We hire highly skilled sports teachers to train and look after them. Physical training, cricket and athletics (racing) are among the different options that students are offered during this class. In addition to this, regular early morning physical training is carried out to maintain a level of energy and enthusiasm.

One of the most highly coveted annual events at The Nexus School is the sports day. This day, for many reasons, is special not just for the students but for the staff and the parents as well. The sports day contains much more than just a few rounds of games; we have tilawat-e-Quran and the milinaghma by preschoolers to begin the day, which are followed by an oath taking ceremony. The senior classes then impress through a fantastic PT display that they train for over a long period of time before the day. Then comes the part that the students look forward to the most: the races. Students participate in different kinds of races that include the Necklace Making Race, Ball Race, Freckled Race, Spoon Lemon Race, One Legged Race, Complete the Word Race and so on. The festive mood is maintained throughout and everyone present at the function leaves with a lot of pleasant memories. All in all, this is an event that the staff and students work tirelessly towards for months in order to make it a success and every bit of their effort is shown to the crowd.