Fundamental Qualities

Fundamental Qualities:

Every institution is established upon some basic principles. Hence, there are certain fundamental qualities that The Nexus School does not allow compromise on and works tireless to inculcate into its students gradually as they reach the appropriate age. They are as follows:

  • Holds Allah close to his/her heart. Remembers Him in every action.
  • Does not disregard basic moral values, no matter what the circumstances are. Does not involve in cheating, dishonesty or unfairness of any sort.
  • Is well-versed about important current-affairs that affect his/her surroundings as well as significant historic happenings. Is not ignorant to pressing world issues and has the urge to play his/her part.
  • Has good awareness of what the right balance between his different duties is (which include studies, entertainment, religious obligations and so on) and works actively to achieve it.
  • Is well skilled to communicate smoothly with others, maintain friendly ties, fulfill social obligations and realizes the vitality of healthy relationships in all life endeavours.
  • Lives life according to what is instructed in the Quran, Sunnah and Hadith and is mindful of his/her obligations towards Allah and His people.
  • Is committed to social activism of the right type.