Everyday Behaviour

Everyday Behaviour:

  • At The Nexus School, we feel that once we admit students, we are responsible for a great part of their upbringing and hence, spend great effort in an attempt to make them better people and ultimately, better Muslims. A truly great student not just excels in academics but also has an excellent sense of discipline.
  • To guide them in the best manner, we seek direction from the ultimate guide for mankind, The Holy Quran. Our policy with regards to discipline is derived from teachings in the Quran and we maintain strict check of whether every student possesses the right attitude towards his/her obligations.
  • In this pursuit, we try to make our environment one that encourages good conduct among students and ensures that they learn to adopt a strong moral code. Every student, from the very start is taught to be honest to those around him/her and respectful to his/her teachers and peers.
  • In this manner, we try our best to develop the personality of our students and ensure that by the time they graduate, they possess exemplary characters that are consistent with the teachings of Islam.
  • Our students, we hope will go on to become role models for everyone to follow and help give a good name to Islam and the institution itself.